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"A Voice for Our Nantucket"

Vote for Charity Grace Mofsen for Select Board


Nantucket was first presented to me as a wonderful isle, 30 miles out to sea. Separate from the rest of America and progressive in its ideas. When I arrived on the island years ago, it was home at first sight. The beauty, history, faces and names on this majestic rock quickly engulfed my soul and made it clear that there was no better place to settle down and start my family. In the time that I have been on island, like most Nantucketers, I have gotten to know the many layers of Nantucket and I have listened to the many voices on the island – some voices come in whispers and others in roars. The resounding message has been that Nantucket, though diverse in its faces, food, religion and language, lacks representation in its leadership. The voices who currently speak for Nantucketers do not reflect Our Nantucket. My name is Charity Grace Mofsen and I am running for Select Board because Nantucketers deserve a town representative that not only speaks their language, but listens to all of their concerns and fights for all of their needs, unabated and without prejudice. I want to be a Voice for Our Nantucket.

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