About Me

I’m Charity Grace Mofsen. I have an educational background in sustainability, a lifelong love of Nature and I’m passionate about building up people, relationships, and communities. Originally from NC, I now call Nantucket home with my husband Michael and our sweet pup Herschel.


I currently serve on the Affordable Housing Trust because we have a housing crisis facing our island. Back in 2016, in a packed “Young Creatives” meeting, the common reason shared by the group as to why they stayed on Nantucket was overwhelmingly “Community.” That community is made up of individual people and families and is at risk of disappearing entirely if we do not take proactive steps to address our lack of affordable housing.


I also serve on the Cyrus Peirce School Council and as a trustee at the Nantucket Lighthouse School. Educating tomorrow’s leaders by focusing on the development of the whole child is important to me. Nantucket is very fortunate to have a variety of educational opportunities for our youth so that families can make the right decision about what’s best for theirs.


In March of 2018, our beloved African Meeting House was defiled with racist graffiti. It sparked outrage and complete shock in our community and beyond. Almost a year later, we are still searching for answers. “This is not our Nantucket!” has been the resounding cry. And while it did happen here, as a community, we have the opportunity to decide what “Our Nantucket” really is. I want to be a voice for that.


When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me chasing sunsets, playing music with Michael and friends, or planning the next potluck where I can show off my most recently mastered Southern recipe.

Maintaining a healthy community requires that we proactively and holistically approach affordable housing, mental health care, education, transportation, and sustainability

Why I'm Running

I am running because as a member of this community, I feel as though my voice has not been heard. I am running to be a Voice for Our Nantucket - a voice for people whose views, needs and wants have far been ignored due to lack of representation. Nantucket does a lot of things right. We have been leaders in sustainability and creativity. We can take it to the next level though. Maintaining a healthy community requires that we proactively and holistically approach affordable housing, mental health care, education, transportation, and sustainability. I’ve spent the last few years observing and now I want to be a part of the solution.


Why Vote For Me?

Because you deserve to be represented by someone who listens to you. That’s what leaders do. They listen and they represent. Vote for me because I am committed to exploring a variety of solutions to the housing crisis so our community does not continue to lose valuable members. Vote for me because I am committed to seeking renewable energy solutions that fit Our Nantucket by giving us the energy independence we need while also honoring our history and ensuring we leave a legacy for those who come after us.

It's all about community. Do we want to live in a service town or a community? I am running for Select Board to help lead our community down the path of proactivity so that we are not merely surviving, but thriving.


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